We are proud of our 30 years history and we have a culture built on values that will help us move through our next 30 years.

Consultant YASSER H.ASSEM has individually as well as with others established a lot of groups, offices and companies since 1984. All these establishments had a basic & important role in engineering development and improvement of governmental and private engineering consultancy services in different fields in Egypt and other countries.

Throughout the long history of activities in engineering consultancy PAVILLION ARCHITECTS establishments successfully completed design and supervision for numerous projects applying state-of-the art technologies and methods.

PA’s team consists of high qualified personnel with extensive professional experience in different engineering disciplines: Architecture, Urban Planning, Civil/Structural and Electromechanical, value Engineering.

From the date of establishment and till now, Consultant Yasser Assem is caring for developing of team members’ capabilities and performance by giving them the chance to continue post-graduate studies, scholarships and to attend the international conferences and exhibitions to be in the know of latest technologies, methods and up-to-date materials and systems to apply this knowledge for projects carried out by PAVILLION ARCHITECTS.

Actually, PAVILLION ARCHITECTS has extensive experience in Engineering Consultancy services including Project Management, Design, Construction Supervision, Valuation and Feasibility Studies for different multidisciplinary projects: Infrastructural, Master Planning, Touristic, Residential, Industrial, Educational, Health Care, Administrative and Public Buildings, Clubs and Sport Projects, Interior Design, Landscape, Repair, Restoration and Renovation Works.