Dr. Yasser Assem Chairman and CEO of Pavillion Architects interview with Invest-Gate magazine, to discuss his vision of creating bespoke designs after a long history of making successful projects.

PA design philosophy and the area of expertise:

we don’t consider ourselves architects, but rather our client’s partners in success by conducting intensive market research for developing a financially viable project. several conceptual designs and feasibility studies are then undertaken with associated costs and estimated time frames.

we provide one of a kind in house services : Market research, feasibility studies, financial analysis, plus the design concepts. all at the end user’s fingertips. we deliver flawless product that is a true reflection of the client’s vision.

The most prominent projects PA has undertaken so far:

PA proudly shines as a leading architectural and interior design firm in the local hospitality and tourism sectors. one of the remarkable developments is Port Ghalib City, which has many other projects under its umbrella such as Marsa Alam international Airport, Tower Village on the top of Port Ghalib Corniche Building. it has been jointly established with Al Kharafi Group (aka MAK Group).

also we have managed to develop an extensive batch of hospitality masterpieces such as New Cairo’s Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, Intercontinental Dakar in Senegal, Peace Icon Memorial in Sharm Al Sheikh which listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest and longest ever metal artwork with a height of 73 meters.

Adopting the design building system efficiency in PA projects:

Very efficient in shortening project duration, early cost establishment, reducing risk, single point of responsibility and inspiration for construction innovation.

a highly skilled team is appointed to employ sufficient resources to prepare briefing documents prior to tender, and also ensure the necessary materials are extended for consulting with contractors during the detailed design and construction stages.

How do PA determine the ideal green design:

Green buildings are mainly tailored to create a more liveable, resilient, inclusive and sustainable living environment for our future generations.

The Impact of Eco-friendly design strategies on the construction budget:

PA partner with those who command the most power in the local and international finance sectors to carry out some well crafted financial plans.

The pipeline projects for Pavillion Architects:

Major products in the pipeline including multiple towers on the North Coast, design work for branded residencies, mixed-use projects and more hotels to be recently introduced to the local and regional markets.